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You don’t realize it yet, but in the next 7 minutes you’re going to learn the secrets of how to reduce the disappointments and live happier for the rest of your life.   omg-headline-2d   If so …. Discover The Quick & Easy Way To Save The Most Precious Thing in Life, YOUR TIME. You’re going to See Your Grades Soar, Your Happiness Heighten and Your Enemies Quashed. You’re going to experience The BEST Year of Your Life So Far! Transform Your Old, Lifeless Personality Into An Ultimate Success Machine With Pages of Proven Tactics & Strategies! Just picture your life better than anything you’ve ever imagined. The new popular person in class. There’s a new spring in your step and a lively gleam in your eye. People stop to stare as you saunter by … admiring the new confidence and style you have….you exude the essence of a girl going places in her life!

Are You Sick & Tired Of:

  • Spending weeks preparing for exams in pure frustration just to get measly grades?
  • Losing your arm and leg on overpriced makeup because you are not sure what you’re doing?
  • Not having valuable personal hygiene information you’re too shy to ask for?
  • Being short of self-esteem & confidence so you can live a happy life?
  • The embarrassment of not knowing how to keep your skin, hair, and nails looking healthy & vibrant?
  • Not knowing how to fight the bullies who are trying to ruin your life? Being confused by all the myths flying around about your health?  Not having the right advice to be a responsible, successful teenager?   03-headline
Would You Like To Discover:

  • Tips on Improving Your Relationships With Best Friends, Your Parents & Your Siblings?
  • Expert Advice From Professional Make Up Artists So You Can Look Your Best Every Day?
  • Important Information About Reducing Your Exposure To Harmful Chemicals So You Can Live a Healthier Life?
  • Natural Beauty Tips Which Will Make Your Friends Jealous & Your Mum Proud?
  • Essential Advice To Help You Understand Your Body Better?
  • Ways To Help Make Puberty Much More Bearable?
  • Advice to Rapidly Improve Your Grades?

05-headlineI hear you. Actually, It’s Quite Simple To Start Using Our “Hassle-Free” Actionable Tips Even If You Repeatedly Made Mistakes in the Past…

  1. Open The Book to the Table of Contents
  2. Find The Chapter With The Info You Need This Time
  3. Read Carefully & Take Notes Where Needed
  4. Try Out Your New Strategies To Create The New YOU!

Please Remember Though: 06-headline Therefore it is essential that you follow Step 4 above. The biggest reason why people don’t reach their full potential, and I’m talking about adults as well as teenagers, is because they fail to follow Step 4. This is the vital step. It’s the million dollar step. Master this, and you WILL be successful. From: The Desks of Greg & Cristina Noland RE: Your Pathway To Success Dear Teenager, Have you noticed how life seems to get more & more difficult every single week, month and year? Not only your personal life but also your school life. Everything seems to be more and more COMPLICATED, all the darn time… Relationships, taking care of your body, staying healthy, school-work, your parents … you name it! You Can Absolutely Lose Your Mind Trying To Work Things Out! And even worse, you can easily ‘Waste Your Teen Years Without The Right Information!’ Just look at these recent figures proving the problems today’s teenagers are facing: Depression

  • In the US, 80,000 teens report severe depression, and this has doubled over the last 20 years.
  • 20% of teens admit to depression.
  • In the UK depression is a huge problem and currently it does not get much better after teen years, with 15 million work days lost due to depression and stress.
  • One person googles ‘depression’ every 2 seconds, with 1,171,770 depression searches every month.

Dropping Out of School

  • 1.2 million teenagers drop out of school every year in the USA.
  • That equals 1 student every 26 seconds or 7,000 per day
  • In the US, high school dropouts commit about 75% of all crimes
  • It doesn’t get any better in the UK. The Local Government Association reports that teenagers dropping out of school costs the country £814 million every year, with 178,000 16-18 year olds not completing their courses.


  • Childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents in the past 30 years.
  • The percentage of children aged 6–11 years in the United States who were obese increased from 7% in 1980 to nearly 18% during the last three decades.
  • The percentage of teenagers aged 12–19 years who were obese increased from 5% to nearly 21% in the last few years.
  • A new 2015 survey found a quarter of Australia’s adolescents are overweight or obese.
  • In the UK it is even worse with a third of teenagers overweight or obese, as reported by the King’s College London and published in the Archives of Disease in Childhood.
  • Experts advise us that obesity in teenagers leads to health problems in adult years. Sadly, 50% to 80% of obese teens becoming obese adults with health problems such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, several types of cancer, and osteoarthritis.


  • Canadian statistics on bullying show that bullies and their victims are more likely to use alcohol and drugs.
  • Bullies are also more likely to participate in criminal activity. With 60% of elementary school bullies have criminal records by the time they are 24 years old.
  • In the UK 35% of young people aged 11 to 17 report they have experienced cyberbullying. This number more than doubled from 2013 to 2014.
  • The National Health Service in the UK report that almost 50% of teens say that have been bullied. But it gets worse. Sadly, many teenagers today are harming themselves due to their problems, sometimes fatally.


  • 1 in 15 teenagers self-harm, and over the last 10 years this has increased by 68%.
  • In the US, 150,000 teens receive treatment for self-inflicted wounds every year.


  • In the US, suicide is the 3rd cause of death for 15-24 year olds, and 2nd among 24-35 year olds.
  • Every suicide affects at least 6 other people
  • 16% of high schoolers consider suicide Even though the complexity of life seems to RAISE all the time, finding the “right” solutions to your problems can be a huge challenge. And then, even if you think you find the “right” information you may be confused how you can use the information to improve the quality of your life…

07-headline What’s the trick? You can save a TON of your effort by using TIPS & STRATEGIES from ‘People Who Have Been Through What You Are Now Facing’. As much as you might think adults don’t understand you, they have all been in your position before. Many have faced similar problems to you. And some want to help you save years of pain by sharing their experiences with YOU. Some lucky teenagers save months, even years of struggle by learning the ways others faced up to their problems throughout their teenage years and came out a success so they don’t have to go through the same suffering. Any time they need something, they just use the ready-to-go information at their fingertips. No waiting for things to miraculously improve. They have full control over their life! And now you can do the SAME… for a FRACTION of the price for a pair of Lululemon yoga pants!

We Have Compiled An Exclusive Collection Of My “Best-Of-The-Best” Life Tactics & Strategies That Are Truly Plug & Play! It’s an ultimate collection of the most important teenage information we could fit into a 200 page book, to make your life truly IRRESISTIBLE and explode your happiness! After over 20 years planning this book and the full OMG Teen Book Series we have decided the time is right to let the tiger out for everyone who absolutely wants to improve the quality of their life. Most of the tips come from extensive research of hundreds of people to ensure there is a broad range of advice available to you. We want to provide a book loaded with useful information which any adult would have given their right arm to have that kind of information when they were a teenager. That way we know that this information will be 100% effective, 100% useful. This will help you to rapidly differentiate yourself from everyone around you who is without this vital information! Here We Are Presenting: OMG I’m a Teen! Now What? – A Survival Guide for Teenage Girls
The OMG Teen Book Series is packed with exciting books that feature the most compelling problems every teenager faces, and every chapter provides actionable tips READY-TO-BE-USED-NOW! OMG I’m a Teen! Now What? – A Survival Guide for Teenage Girls”– 2nd Edition is 220 pages long and is packed with easy-to-follow, step-by-step tips to improve your life quickly to bring health and happiness to last a lifetime.

Check out the Table of Contents:


  1. Why Has Life Suddenly Become So Difficult?
  2. Why Is Your Body Changing? – Why Are Female Teens The Biggest Users of Toilet Paper? – Puberty and Your Body’s Changes – Tips For Personal Hygiene During Menstruation – FAQ About Menstruation and Your Body
  3. Natural Beauty Tips & Makeup Ideas – How Much Does Beauty Impact Our Lives? – Important Advice on Beauty
  4. Teen Health & Your Body – Essential Information About Acne – Constipation – Your Healthy Brain
  5. How To Beat Bullying
  6. Coping with Teen Depression
  7. Self-Development & Esteem Building – The Car Crash Which Changed My Life – Self-Esteem – My 8-Step Morning Ritual
  8. Successful People Are Responsible – How To Make Your Home Life Awesome – Why Being Responsible at School is Essential
  9. The Best For Last: Love & Dating
  10. OMG Final Words

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Special Bonuses

All books in The OMG Teen Book Series are available on all these devices as well as in printed format:

I don’t think you want to waste endless money and opportunities and risk embarrassment by making mistakes Bust 6 Common Acne Myths in Chapter 6 Don’t bother with the processed, packet version of an avocado face pack – learn how to make your own with greatly improved benefits Learn how to reduce the risk of acne scars with homemade treatments many adult sufferers now wish they had known as a teenager – Don’t make the same mistake Learn 16 handy & ultra-useful uses for natural coconut oil I bet you have never heard of Every girl has makeup emergencies at the worst possible times. Discover 8 critical saviours which could be a game changer in your life Once you learn what we have to teach you… unless you somehow lose your entire memory… it would be impossible for you to ever be “ordinary” again.





“Learn from the experts & Save Years of Trial & Error Disappointments”

Discover 10 Myths about shaving most adults have not learned yet. And discover 7 shaving mistakes you’ll want to avoid.

Take Advantage of The Benefit of Hindsight – The Elixir of Life

The advice and information in this series of books is the result of hundreds of conversations to find out what problems people faced when they were teenagers. I also asked them how they would have acted differently as a teenager if they had the chance to do it all again. How would they have got through all their teenage problems with the benefit of hindsight – the elixir of life? Then I used all this information, along with other research and my own experience to formulate real-time actionable tips and advice in every chapter. Therefore, you can use this knowledge and advice to give you the best chance of getting it right first time around. Admittedly, not everyone wants to listen to advice, so then this series of books might not be for you. Whatever age you are now, you have faced and combatted certain problems that life has thrown at you. If you are now 15, you are much wiser than when you were 12. And when you were 12 you faced certain problems which were difficult to overcome.

Do you ever wonder why so many teenagers struggle

growing up while some seem to streak ahead so easily?

It’s because too many don’t know the success principles that allow life’s go-getters to build their lives the way they want. If you’ve never heard of any success strategies before, it’s not your fault. But soon you will be holding this book in your hands, so you no longer have to be kept in the dark. Click on the link which will take you directly through to the Amazon store where you can purchase this book today.

The OMG Teen Book Series Total Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee

If at any time during the first 60 days, you aren’t completely satisfied with your OMG Teen Book, with a simple request a refund. No hard feelings, no hassles.

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We’re looking forward to helping you improve the quality of your life.


Greg & Cristina Noland

The OMG Teen Book Series

I have been searching for the best book for my (pre) teen grand-daughter this year and I believe this is the best by far. I wanted to make sure that it had useful information on the right topics and this book is packed! It is very well written and has several useful tips and advice for any teenager growing up.

Amazon Customer

I bought this book for my best friend’s daughter. A lady at work had mentioned this was a fantastic book for teens. I think the book is really well written, and I think it covers some very interesting topics which any teenager trying to survive in today’s world will really appreciate. The OMG authors have really found their niche and I am excited to know this book is part of a series, so I will definitely be keeping an eye out for the next books in the series.

Jenny Chandelier

OMG! This book is so awesome! Yeah, I know, OMG’s in the title, but it’s true. I have two nieces that are too young for this book just yet, but I definitely want to get them this book when they are old enough for it. Highly recommended!
S. Hendricks

… geschrieben und obwohl es in englisch ist, ist es flüssig und unterhaltsam zu lesen. Nicht nur für Teenager und deren Eltern. Sehr empfehlenswert !!!
Sandra Schmitt

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