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OMG I’m a Teen! Now What? – A Survival Guide for Teenage Girls  will unlock all of your teen problems and propel you towards being a successful adult. The secrets and actionable tips in this teen book are guaranteed to help you hit your target with power and precision every time. Be it improving your relationships, doing well in school, dating or finding the right makeup advice, it is all here in this clear, practical, and riveting survival guide. What you will learn in this book will be a pivotal point that changes your life forever. Will you be a success through your teenage years or just about hang on and survive? Do you think you can overcome all the problems teen life throws at you without reading this survival guide? It’s probably not a gamble you want to take. As a teenager you are faced with a huge spectrum of problems. Some of them are related to peer pressure, body image consciousness, health and emotional issues, as well as balancing school work and play. Things are …

OMG Why is My Body Changing So Much?: A Female Teen’s Guide to Surviving Puberty  is the 2nd book in the OMG Teen Book Series.

This book will give you all the information you will need about the changes going on with your body which you may be desperately looking for. I know when I was a teenager there was so much I wanted to know about my body, but I couldn’t find the answers for.

This is why the actionable tips and advice in this teen book are guaranteed to help you discover how to make the most of your teenage years and reduce the pain, loneliness, confusion and sadness which can often come when trying to cope with the changes going on with your body during your teenage years.

OMG My Mother!: A Relationship Guide for Teenage Girls – This ‘Teenage Relationships Guide’ will help you steer clear of the relationship dilemmas which can cause heartache instead of love and bonding through the delicate teenage years. This is your handy guide whenever you need guidance in these four important areas of teenage relationships; mother, best friend, siblings, and love interest. You will discover essential tips that will give you the power to develop the most awesome relationships through your teen years and beyond. Almost every teenage girl has relationship problems which they wish they could avoid. With the teenage years so full of challenges and strains this OMG book will help you close the gap in misunderstanding and avoid the pain. This 3rd book in the ‘OMG Teen…

Coming soon to OMG Teen Book Series…
OMG I Need Help With My Self-Esteem – Super Actionable Advice for Teenage Girls is the 4th book in the OMG Teen Book Series. This book was written by the OMG Team to help every teenager who needs help building their self-esteem and confidence.  But this is not your standard self-help book on self-esteem. This OMG book will teach you a new approach for dealing with the ups and downs on your journey to success.

No one should have to live their teenage years with self-doubt, misery and missed opportunities.  And the pressures of western society for individual greatness just put far too much pressure on teenagers to conform to a life without mistakes.

But the OMG authors believe this is not the answer for success.


OMG I’m in Love – A Dating Guide for Teenage Girls is the 6th book in the OMG Teen Book Series. Perhaps this is the book you have been waiting for in the OMG Teen Book Series range of self-help books. In some ways it has been the most difficult to write, and has required a lot of research. It is almost finished, so please hold tight. It will be ready real soon…


OMG I Feel Fat – A Health & Fitness Guide for Teenage Girls is the 6th book in the OMG Teen Book Series. The focus of this book is obviously to give you all the advice about what to eat, when and how to exercise and so much more. A big part of this book is helping you develop a healthy lifestyle, a healthy routine to prepare your body in the best way possible for being an adult.

Adolescence can be a tricky time, and what with your periods and puberty it might often feel like a complete drag to do any exercise. But in OMG I Feel Fat – A Health & Fitness Guide for Teenage Girls we’ll show you tons of ways to make exercise and eating right the simple choice from the get-go. This book will be on the bookshelves very soon..