In the latest post in the OMG Teen Series I’d like to help you if you think your boyfriend is cheating…

Unfortunately, every girl will face, at one time or other, cheating, betrayal, being stabbed in the back, a dirty rotten boyfriend and need some assuring boyfriend advice.

Well if you need to know “what to do when your boyfriend cheats on you” keep reading…


He is very possessive of his phone

If your boyfriend won’t let you look near his phone, let alone look at it, chances are that he has something to hide and that could be another girl. If he’s deleting all of his texts, he’s getting calls or texts at strange times and he’s ignoring them, he’s always texting people you do not know, he’s going crazy anytime it goes off, there may be cause for alarm.


He’s lying about other things

If your guy is always lying to you about other things, or even lying to other people, he may be lying to you about whether or not he’s cheating on you.  Lying means he has no trouble doing it and that you can’t trust him.

You found some evidence

If you find something that is in your boyfriend’s car, house, etc, that belongs to a girl and not you, you may have found the smoking gun, so to speak. It could also be a receipt from a restaurant or something as obvious as another phone number.


He’s done it before

A lot of times, when someone has cheated before they will do it again.  If a guy cheated on his girlfriend before you, chances are that he is going to do it with you as well.  There are people who can change, but if he has done a lot of cheating, be really careful.


He’s having weird mood around you

If he’s cold and hot when you’re together, it might mean something’s going on. There are times when he might be really sweet and tell you how he loves you, accepts all your apologies, bringing you gifts without a reason, etc.  Other times he might be really angry and distant. He may seem he is mad at you or he may be yelling at you for the smallest things. This is usually because of gilt.


He’s really possessive and jealous

This sounds weird, but it’s really true. Sometimes when a guy cheats, they begin getting extremely jealous of the person they are cheating on since they’re feeling guilty and they’re projecting that. Guilt often makes you act really weird. If he wasn’t jealous in the past and he’s all of the sudden wondering where you are going and what you are doing, it may be because he’s cheating himself.


He’s not around

If your boyfriend isn’t around as much, and it’s not because he’s on a sports team or in the band, he may be spending that time with another girl. If he used to spend a lot of time with you and now he isn’t, you may have reason to worry.


He seems anxious or stressed out a lot

When a guy’s cheating on his girlfriend, they are going to be really stressed out. He’s always worried about being caught or doing the wrong thing.


You have a feeling

There are times when your boyfriend is denying that he is cheating but you feel as if he is cheating, trust your gut.  You have a feeling in your gut that he’s cheating and chances are that your gut is right.


Don’t try to get even

A lot of girls try retaliating by doing something that will hurt them. This doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it happens.  A lot of girls date guys they don’t really like so that they try and make the guy feel bad. Other girls attempt or commit suicide to get back at the person who hurt them.


Don’t go on the rebound

A lot of girls will go out with someone when they are on the rebound and therefore make bad decisions.  Even though you may feel like you have to find someone else right away to date, you want to give yourself time to heal.  Stay single for a couple of months so that you have time for healing and for figuring out where you want to go from here and what you don’t want. Getting another boyfriend right away isn’t going to make you feel any better and you may wind up with a boyfriend who is worse than the one before.


Don’t bear the guilt of a supposed friend

When your boyfriend cheated it was his decision and his responsibility. But a lot of girls whose boyfriends cheated on them think that they did something wrong. The truth is the person who cheats in a relationship made the decision on their own.

Don’t let bad wounds get more rotten

When someone has cheated on you, it cuts really deep and it can be very painful. Even though you may not think it now, that wound is going to heal eventually. But if you let it fester, this can make it even worse.  One of the things that can make your wound fester is bitterness, and this can make that wound hurt you for a long time.  By rehearsing and nursing his terrible actions and how he hurt you so badly, that wound will fester.


Don’t date cheaters

Some girls, once they have been cheated on, will go looking for guys who have cheated thinking that they can rehabilitate them and tame them. If you are looking for excitement and danger and you don’t care about a long term commitment, date a cheater. But if you want someone who is going to commit to you, then look for guys who respect their girls. There’s good reason why they are called ‘Losers’!!


Don’t believe you’re the exception

The guy who is more likely to cheat is going to be the one who has cheated before. So if you are planning to go out with a cheater, know that he probably will cheat on you as well.  You may think that it’s going to be different with you. That’s what every girl thinks.


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