Why We Feel The OMG Teen Book Series Can Help You

In Many Areas of Your Life
Hey! Welcome to the wonderful time of being a teen.  You have entered a time in your life that is exciting and scary at the same time. New things start happening to your body, new opportunities enter your life, there are new adventures to discover, and often a lot of new responsibilities come your way. This is definitely an exciting but often scary time for you.

Chances are that you have questions that you want to ask and things that you need to know about.

This is why we have created the OMG Teen Book Series; to help you understand all the changes going on and make sure your questions are answered.

We cover things like hygiene, your period, makeup, responsibilities, and many other things that are going to give you the best chances of being successful during your teen years.

We also give you some advice on relationships and school and hopefully answer some of the questions that you have wanted to ask but perhaps have been afraid to up to now.

The OMG Teen Book Series is not just your average teen self-help book series. We have put in years of effort to bring you these books. Our number one goal is to bring you a set of books that will ultimately give you the tools to live a much fuller and more rewarding life.

How did the ‘OMG Teen Book Series’ get started?

You might be wondering… what gives us the authority to write these books? Well, for a start we do not claim to be doctors, psychiatrists or behaviour specialists.

Our main driver to create the OMG Teen Book Series came about by wanting to give something back to the community in which we live.

You don’t need to turn the TV on for long these days to see trauma and devastation in the world. And reluctantly, there are always sad stories about teenagers.

In an ideal world every teenager will grow up in a very close family, where every child is given total love and devotion all through their younger years, up through to adulthood.

However, unfortunately, we all know that does not happen so much these days. Often families are torn apart when the parents are separated through divorce, death or imprisonment.

Other children are forced to deal with abuse in its many forms throughout their lives, even when their parents stay together.

Young members of the family soon realise that being a teen can be really tough.

We both had periods of our teenager lives which didn’t go so well for one reason or another. And one evening we had a conversation together where we were looking back on our teenage years.

We discussed how we wished things would have been different in certain parts of our youth. Then we thought about what we would have needed as teens to be able to improve our lives at that time.

And the number one thing we both said would have improved the quality of our lives, and that was: More access to quality advice and information. 

This is when we decided to marry our love of books and our desire to help teenagers. The ‘OMG Teen Book Series‘ was born.

Life Is About Learning Through Access To Information

We understand there are some people who like to make their own mistakes in life and prefer to ignore the advice from others. Perhaps then, our series of books might not be for those of you who feel this way.

But there is a large number of people who would rather listen, learn and push ahead with their lives using rich knowledge to increase their chances of success, improve the quality of their lives and decrease states of pain, sadness, mistakes and regrets.

If you think you are in this group of successful go-getters, then the ‘OMG Teen Book Series’ is definitely for you.

Lessons From Our Teen Years

We didn’t have totally unhappy childhoods, but we both felt there were many problems, mistakes, and upsetting situations that we would never wish on anyone.

We know most children have issues and problems in their lives and these difficult situations mould us into who we are as adults.

However, now that we are adults, we know that our childhoods would have been much easier, much happier, and ultimately more successful if we had the right information to guide us along the right paths.

We often felt that no one had the same feelings as us regarding growing up. We also felt no one could help us with the problems of being a teenager.

Of course, we didn’t have the Internet back then.

Who can you turn to when you are faced with difficult experiences in your teenage years?

Being brought up in a single parent family is much more common these days, but it’s not any easier. Being a lone parent is surely a very difficult task, and try as they might to be the dad, the mum, the child counsellor, the leader and the friend, there is bound to be big chunks missing from the life of a teenager from a single parent family.

This is where the ‘OMG Teen Book Series’ can truly help fill in those gaps.

For a father in a single parent family, they are bound to face problems which a mother would normally deal with, including hygiene, and the changes going on in a female teen’s body.

Then there are bulling issues and relationship problems teens often have to deal with.

So sit back and please enjoy reading these books. We hope that you will find them very informative and that many of your questions will be answered.

It is our mission to ensure that the information, advice and tips contained in this series of books will act as effective resources to help you through your teenage years, and makes you realise that you are not alone.

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We want to add many more books to the series, so we welcome as much feedback as possible.

Dedicated to your happy and successful life,

Greg & Cristina Noland

Authors of ‘OMG Teen Book Series’